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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Can you guess where this image is located in the World Map Of Jamaa?

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Hey jammers!
How are you all today? I was going to post yesterday but I went and saw the movie Showdogs with my friend. The dogs were so cute and little funny. The baby panda was also ADORABLE and it made these little noises. They were just so cute I loved it:) So yesterday when I was on snap chat I realized that I couldn't find my maze runner stickers that I got exclusively from the death cure dvd and so I tried scanning the code again and I saved it but they didn't appear.... I WANT MY MAZE RUNNER STICKERS!! XD 
I only basically have like one day left of my 4 day weekend which is kinda unfortunate:( And a good portion of it is actually gonna be spent watching the maze runner movies:D Both that adds up to probably like 6-7 hours.... Oh well :P

Anyways, let's get on with today's post shall we?

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning gazelle horns sold in jam mart clothing for 250 gems!
These are actually much cheaper than I remember. I always liked the gazelle horns cause they go well with any outfit most of the time and they look good on all animals! I wish they were non member though.

This is what they look like on a pig:
Aw kinda cute, eh?

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Time for a Jamaa Derby Spotlight

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Hey jammers!
I am back with a post today... On A THURSDAY? That actually isn;'t a jamaa journal day? Like when was actually the last time that has happened?
Okay, it was kinda like in 2017, since i posted gifs. But thats okay:)
Hmmm, in tech we are making a speaker and we are suppose to drill holes and the holes have to be aligned except after I finished the middle piece i realized that my holes weren't aligned..... so I may I have to redo that piece, and that piece had the most work. Hopefully if I can't get the pieces aligned my teacher can solve the problem.... Yeah... 

Anyways lets get on with the post shall we?
Daily Item:
Don't actually know if this is the new item but, anyways, we have the fancy shoes sold in jam mart clothing for 650 gems!
These kinda remind me of the older style tap shoes.

Here is what they look like on pigs:

Sunday, May 13, 2018

May's Legendary Paloozian! (Plus, some blog updates and jamaa journal)

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Hey jammers!
Sorry for not being on here much this past week. I have been kinda busy with school and life and this week I have a geography test, week after I have a science test. Then hopefully it will calm down my school work for a few weeks. Then probably 2 tests again... then EXAMS!! But then when exams are done, that means... 2 MONTHS OF SUMMER!!! WOO HOO!! But then after that, it means more school. But let's think on the positive side.
Anyways, I'd talk more but I am kinda running out of time, cause I have to have a shower and take a sitz bath and drink 4 cups of water after so thats fun:) (jk, its not XD) 

Okay so let's get onto today's post!
Blog News:
This isn't really to important, but I have added a few new polls, to vote on so be sure to do that. I also extended the due date for the contests so now you have about a month and a half to enter. Honestly, I hope more people enter cause I gave plenty of time for entries to happen and I only got 2.... If not many people enter after this, I am not sure I will extend the due date any longer... 
So yeah! I hope you guys do both the things!!

May's Legendary Paloozian Of The Month:
This months Paloozian is....
Congrats Cookies!! I hope you enjoy being featured on this blog all month!

Also side note: Sorry for not hosting entries for this month, its already almost half way through the month so I didn't feel the want of hosting sign ups this time. Im also not sure if anyone would have entered so yeah:) But don't worry!! There is always next month!

Jamaa Journal Update:
I know this update came on  Thursday, but I have been meaning to post it. It's a little late but thats okay. (probably wont be talking about it much because I want to watch youtube ASAP)
THE ANIMAL WAS SOME TYPE OF CANINE... I WAS RIGHT.. Mwuahahah XD But Doomy's prediction was right! The new animal is dire wolves. I wonder what they will look like... Hmmmmm.

Peck's den is back.

Diamond encrusted armour is back.  As well we also have origami den items. I must admit thats a pretty cool idea.

Videos are back. 

Hardmode in trials of zios. New frame for masterpieces.

Summer Carnival is coming soon!

I rate this update a 8/10.
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon! 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sarepia Forest Theatre Exploration

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Hey jammers!
Im not really excited for tomorrow, considering I have to go somewhere that I'd rather not go, but I guess on the positive side I get to make money:) Which is always nice!
Okay, so I have been trying to find a topography app for my phone, but I couldn't find a good one with what I wanted so then I thought of pic monkey. I check to see if picmonkey has an app for android. Turns out they do. Then I find it and it turns out it isn't compatible for my device! Is that not a bummer? It would have been perfect though... Oh well guess I will have to keep searching!
(also a nonmember again!)

Anyways let's get onto today's post shall we?
Daily Item: 
Today we have the camoflauge boots sold in jam mart clothing for 400 gems!
These are a nice pair boots. Now that I think of it, all these years these boots would go well with quite a few outfits. 

Aw, such a good fit on pigs. They look so cute!!


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